Virtual Education 

the Virtual Education Center of Kerman University of Medical Sciences commenced operation in February 2010. Though emergent, backed by the senior managers of the Education Deputy and capabilities of its experts, this center managed to blossom in a short while, and presently, produces a wide range of educational materials in electronic formats.


-          To offer and develop the latest educational methods in Kerman University of Medical Sciences through virtual course presentation;

-          To increase the range of learners of continuing education programs;

-          To enable the admission of domestic and foreign students into virtual programs;


The start of operation of this center was launching, realized after the procurement of hardware including proper servers and installation of software (Moodle) and other required applications. Subsequent to trial runs and determining its potentials, the said website met considerable reception by the students and the faculty.

Content Production Studio

The Content Production Studio was founded, aiming at the acceleration of use and development of the culture of using virtual education. This studio is now equipped with a sound proof room, sound recording, video recording, photography, editing and DVD duplication equipment.

Virtual Education System (Moodle)

The installation of Virtual Education System (Moodle) was made possible through the efforts of the Education Development Center and support of the University’s IT Center, and is now available to our esteemed professors.

Moodle is one of the leading e-learning applications, enabling course presentation through the Internet for professors and students. Starting from 2011, more than fifty seven million users across 214 countries, with 75 different languages in the top-ranking universities use this service. As of now, the Persian version of Moodle is available to the respectable faculty members of Kerman University of Medical Sciences.

This system provides a desirable environment for exchanging educational content, as, when subscribed to this system, the professors will be able to upload the entire intended educational materials on a website, which will be accessible to learners easily, regardless of time and place. Also, students can upload their assignments for the professor’s consideration and view their marks on the web. Another feature of this system is offering videoconferencing courses. There are also the features of message exchange, learner ranking, and online examinations. The professors can benefit from this portal as an educational aid, alongside on-campus classes.

Electronic Content Production

The Virtual Education Office of the Education Development Center has resumed operation, benefitting from experienced experts of electronic content production. From this point on, the respectful professors can appear at this center and prepare their educational materials in sound, video, and multimedia formats. The majority part of the electronic content preparation can be undertaken by this center. The professors merely need to provide our experts with their PowerPoint slides or other educational materials.