Clinical Skills Center (Skill Lab)


Educating students occurs on three levels of cognition, clinical skills, and attitude. Medical education in the cognitive sphere occurres almost completely, however, clinical skills education used to be carried out at the patient’s bedside, which turned patients into lab equipment. Accordingly, creation of a proper lab environment, the Skill Lab, for conducting exercises and preparing students for learning clinical skills seemed necessary. Doing so, the medical students are allowed to appear at the patient’s bedside more prepared and less stressed, and thus, start learning at the actual clinical setting. Developing the curriculum and establishing the Skill Lab is made possible by the group work of the EDC and the Department of Anesthesiology and Operating Room of Afzalipour Medical and Paramedical Schools, in an attempt to fulfill objectives below:


1. To create and launch a decent environment for training students on the preliminary clinical skills;

2. To provide a proper educational groundwork to acquire adequate knowledge on the correct execution of clinical skills;

3.To develop the necessary theoretical and practical curricula at basic clinical skills lab;

4.To procure educational equipment in different areas, including: different manikins, catheters (stomach, bladder), EKG, suction, O2 capsule fitted with manometer, fully equipped crash cart, simple operation set, learning assistant tools, computer set, visual learning accessories, and monitoring devices;

5.To incite the motivation and interest of students for learning clinical skills and helping patients;

6. To establish correct relationship with the patients, physicians, nurses, medical staff, and patient’s family.


Medical school’s Skill Lab was founded in 1997. Basic medical skills have since been instructed to students of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, as well as, paramedical school associate degree students, in a thoroughly hospital-simulated environment, by physicians and anesthesiologists.