Medical Education Fellowship Program Intended for Faculty Members


The unified set of activities leading to learning is referred to as ‘education’. Such activities are conducted through teacher-student cooperation, where the teacher teaches the method of learning not merely the subject, and hence facilitates learning. Yet, every learner is responsible for his/her own learning. Education is, therefore, the set of activities aimed at the facilitation of learning.

An overall consideration reveals that education, in its current state, does not move towards lasting and standard learning, rather, it’s aimed at getting good marks. Accordingly, this void, between the current state and the desirable state, is an indication of our damaged teaching and learning process. More importantly, the students need to know different learning methods to be able to employ specific solutions for specific problems. It is, thus, expected that class activities, educational materials, teaching methods, and the like, all be designed to stimulate thinking.


This program, as a guide for teaching and learning, plays a pivotal role in medical education. Benefitting from the concepts offered by this program and wider knowledge of teaching methods and techniques, and having compared the traditional and modern educational methods, the attendees will be able to play their educational role in a more scientific and adequate manner in educating the learners, including students, their families, and other staff members involved in continuing and life-long education. Those who complete this program are expected to have acquired knowledge and skill concerning the design and implementation of teaching-learning process.