Research in Education

Research in education is one of the main pillars of education development centers across the country, as educational planning, and the degree of achieved efficacy of such plans, is dependent upon the results of scientific research in this area. The Research in Education Office of the EDC of Kerman University of Medical University, backed by efficient staff and educational researchers, strides towards the sublimation and enhancement of medical education, through design, consultation, and development of research in educational projects.

In order to promote Research in Education spirit, main approaches of this unit are thinking skills strengthen, Problem-Based Learning (PBL), researches’ results evaluation and research ability of individuals in research fields strengthen. According to this, attending Journal Clubs under the mentioned issues is one of the responsibilities of Research in Education Unit.


1. To develop research projects on education and to promote the university’s educational activities, employing research-in-education studies;

2.To improve the procedure of design and approval of research-in-education projects;

3.To encourage specialists and other groups to study education and its different areas;

4.To undertake qualitative and quantitative development of educational programs using the researcher’s documentations;


While continuing the process of educational research, the Research in Education Committee deals with different issues including but not limited to:

1.Investigation of research proposals on different educational subjects through the different stages of:

·Preliminary investigation of the proposal by the officials of the Research in Education Committee;

· Proposal of the study and forwarding to committee members;

·Investigation of the educational proposals at the Research in Education Council and holding of regular meetings;

· Notification of the researchers concerning the required corrections, as per the respective minute;

·Observance of the conformity of the revisions by the respective reviewers and reexamination at the council;

·Notification of the approved proposals to the University Research Council;

2.      Consultation for the revision of studies on research in education.