Gifted Talent Students Office
Gifted Talent Students Office is a sub-branch of Vice Chancellor for Education of Kerman University of Medical Sciences . This unit aims to develop students’ talents and abilities by recognizing, improving and interacting with them.

As efficient man power is a major resource for development, the GTS mission, alongside the university’s mission, is to discover and accept talents and to bring about proper groundwork for the emergence of their creativity and to guide them towards research and production of knowledge. This office, furthermore, considers it its duty, while introducing such talents to the issues of the Iranian society, make them sensitive to such issues and increase their motivation for improving our society’s welfare. To do so, bearing in mind ethical principles of research and observing human values shall be the primary objectives of the Exceptional Talents Office.


1.To create the proper groundwork for the exceptionally talented students to acquire a research perspective when faced with problems and the ability of logical analysis.

2. To create the proper educational groundwork for acquiring the required knowledge and skills for management, execution, analysis, and interpretation of research projects on medical sciences;

3.To familiarize the exceptionally talented students with the issues of health, treatment, and medical education;

4.To increase the motivation and willingness of the exceptionally talented students for serving our nation;

5.To enhance the sense of responsibility and adherence of the exceptionally talented students to human values, while considering national and Islamic values and observing the principles of ethics in research;


-  To accept students as members of the Exceptional Talents Office, as per the existing regulations using program-exclusive membership forms;

- To offer material and spiritual facilities to member students;

-  To introduce students for benefitting from the facilities intended for the exceptionally talented students, the By-Law for Non-Examination Pathway to graduate programs, and other pertaining benefits;

-  To enroll qualified students and hold classes and multiple workshops to ready Kerman Medical University Team for participating in the National Medical Students’ Olympiads.