Faculty Development Programs

In order to familiarize our professors with information technology and its application in educational, research, and treatment affairs, and to enhance and up-date their knowledge and information on the latest methods of medical education, with the following specific objectives, the Education Development Center, having dedicated and equipped a lecture hall and a computer lab, has undertaken holding of educational workshops and lectures.


1.To empower our professors in text analysis, and data mining from free Internet databases and the subscribed databases;

2.To empower our professors to use Microsoft Office applications including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, for writing scientific papers, poster design, slideshow design and database creation;

3.To empower our professors to use statistical software (SPSS) to be able to understand the statistical analysis used in scientific papers;

4.To empower our professors to use electronic communication to communicate with specialized associations and request for attending and presenting scientific papers at seminars and conferences and contacting peer;

5.To familiarize the faculty with the latest methods of medical education, including problem-based learning (PBL), and questionnaire design, multiple-choice question (MCQ) testing, as well as, the latest evaluation methods (OSCE), lesson plans and methods of teaching.

Training Workshop for Freshman Residency Students

With regard to the necessity for preparation of the recently admitted residency students in enhancing their clinical skills, also, according to our experience from the previous years and that of other domestic universities, a 45-hour training program is designed and being held. The organizers are the Education Development Center and the Residency Training Office of the Medical School, in collaboration.