Educational development center of Kerman  University of Medical Sciences was founded in 1993 in the deputy of education section, with the aim of increasing the quality of the medical sciences education, the graduate’s knowledge and their competence based on the needs of the society. This center not only aims to improve the theoretical and the practical knowledge of the students but also pays a special attention to abilities and qualifications of the lecturers and improvement and development of the courses. This center has presented many potential ways for updating the students’ education and plays an important role in using the sources in a more logical and accurate way. This center presents a wide range of activities related to the improvement of the lecturer’s abilities and knowledge the details of which will be stated in the Center’s activities and operations.

The educational development center, with regard to the university's research strategies on different subjects, is aiming to support all those who have participated in the scientific and academic society of the university especially by providing workshops and special meetings that have been designed for the same purpose.

  Main objectives

1. Developing planning for self-producing educational development in the faculties and the educational departments.

2. Establishing quality assurance policy in the university level.

3. Increasing the quantity and the quality of the expertise in the departments/faculties regarding the educational medical development

4. Increasing the educational development plans and the educational research of the faculties and the departments.

5. Reinforcing the encouragement policy for educational activities/educational development

6. Reinforcing the publication facilities for innovative educational activities

7. Improving the quantity and the quality of educational leadership in the university/educational department.

8. Developing international and regional activities of the center and turning it into a counselling center for the other higher education centers of medical sciences in the region

9. Developing the quality and the quantity of the student’s activities in the area of medical education